Benefits of wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Designed to be robust and powerful, our wet and dry vacuums are used to clean up liquid, dry dirt and industrial grade dust.

Primarily used in industrial environments, these versatile vacuums can handle cleaning jobs of any scale, making them a popular choice for home garage and workshop use.

Dual function capability

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Dual function capability

The perfect solution for cleaning both wet and dry areas.

Convenient sizes

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Convenient sizes

Available in either 21L, 36L or 76L capacity to suit different cleaning applications.

Industrial grade

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Industrial grade

The Hydropro series offers the best solution for the toughest industrial cleaning environments.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner technology

Motor longevity

The Hydropro 76 features two powerful 1,100 watt by-pass motors for great performance with longevity and superior suction power.

Quality filtration

High levels of filtration, providing a clean finish and strong suction. HEPA filters available for all 3 machines as an optional extra.

Optional bag system

Optional paper and SMS disposable sealed dust bags offer the user extra protection when containing industrial dust. Dust bags to be used for dry applications only.

Easy to empty

Easily accessible drain hose and a tip to drain handle for convenience and easy maintenance.

Dual function

An interchangeable vacuum system, capable of handling both wet and dry vacuuming.

Safety first

Waterproof switches to keep users safe, and non-marking wheels to protect floors.

Product technology