Glide 300 school edition

Product Code: VC300GL01A02

Glide 300 school edition is a great pull-along option for educational environments that require regular, detailed cleaning.

With a 15L capacity, you’re free to clean large classrooms and areas without having to empty the dust bag, ultimately increasing productivity.

Driven by its 1300W motor, the suction on this canister vacuum will make light work of everything from debris dragged in from the playground to pencil sharpenings.

Fitted with a pre-motor cartridge filter filter (FIL005), the machine is improving air quality for students and is tested and tagged for additional peace of mind.

Glide 300 school edition features castor wheels that fully rotate, giving you control and manoeuvrability to clean between desks, around toys, and most obstacles educational environments may throw your way.

*Glide 300 school edition comes with five disposable paper dust bags and one reusable SMS dust bag in the box.

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Product Features


Technical specifications of Glide 300 school edition.

  • Vacuum motor 1300W single-stage flow through
  • Power source Mains, 18m power cord
  • Battery run-time N/A
  • Battery charge-time N/A
  • Noise level (at 1.5m) 64dB(A)
  • Filtration 3-stage filtration with a pre-motor cartridge filter
  • Volumetric airflow (max.) 52L/sec
  • Capacity 15L
  • Weight 5kg (excluding power cord and hose assembly)
  • Warranty 2 years on body and motor
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This product currently has no reviews.